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Meet Our Majestic Studs

Drinkwater Keanu of Swahilli (Mr. Fritz)

Mr. Fritz who loves all Queens. His personality is very outgoing with a playful demeanor. He enjoys playing and the exercise wheel. His coat is brown with black spots with big yellow eyes. His ears are tall and he enjoys all the attention.

Gettasavannah Parker of Swahilli

Parker has a lovely face and he knows it. The epitome of a lap cat. He enjoys playing feather stick and is very loyal. His coat is light brown spotted. His purring is loud and his ears are elongated.

Eros (African Serval)

Our African Serval with a gorgeous black spotted coat. His chirping is loud and he enjoys his private time. Playing fetch is his favorite past time with water toys a close second. Loving and affectionate towards everyone he is nicknamed the gentle giant.

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