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Honoring Our Beautiful Queens

Bellehollow Athena of Swahilli

Our F7 Queen with a light cream color coat and smaller frame. She is very loving and sweet, she enjoys her time by the window. Her protective nature keeps all the males in line!

Drinkwater Clio of Swahilli

Our F1 Queen who we have nicknamed the energizer bunny. she has a golden coat like a serval. She has a pretty pink nose and her ears are huge. She can run on the exercise wheel for hours and likes to chirp when she wants attention.

Drinkwater Coco of Swahilli

Our F1 Queen who has had beautiful kittens and is a natural loving mother. Her coat has distinguished black spots and a buttery golden base coat. Her favorite toys are the feather stick and laser beam. She is truly beautiful inside and out with an outgoing and loving  personality to other cats and people alike. 

Drinkwater Luci of Swahilli

Our F1 Queen who prances when she comes for her daily petting session. If she had her choice she would be in the water playing all day, this doesn’t surprise us since she hails from Florida. Her coat is a soft golden color with huge front paws. 

Aspensavannahs Luna D of Swahilli

Our F2 Queen with a beautiful black stamped nose. She was born on Christmas Eve 2021 and loves to play! She might be a little shy at first but once she warms up to you she is very loving and enjoys playing with the little ones. Sometimes her curiosity gets the better of her.

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